The Winter Golf Program will be available for a maximum of two (2) three (3) consecutive months beginning November 1, 2017 and ending April 30, 2018. Proration for this program will not be permitted.
Dues & Fees
No initiation fee will be charged upon signing or during the Winter Golf Program.
Winter Golf Participants are obligated to pay in full upon signing.
Daily Cart Rental is $15 per seat.
Pricing Structure:
One Player / Golf Only: $480
One Player / Add Cart: $600
One Couple / Golf Only: $ 900
One Couple / Add Cart: $1,200
(12 rounds of golf per person)
Restrictions & Advantages

All Winter Golf nominees require approval of the Membership Committee and Board of Directors.
Winter Golf Participants will be given Clubhouse access, but charging privileges will not be permitted.
Tee Times can be made two (2) days in advance.
Prior members or RVCC must have left the Club in good standing.
Winter Golf Participants will have access to all practice facilities.
Winter Golf Participants may not use a private cart.
Winter Golf Participants do not hold voting rights.
Winter Golf Participants will not be obligated to a food minimum.
Winter Golf Participants cannot serve on a Committee or Board.
Dress Code will apply.
The Winter Golf Program is non-refundable and non-transferrable.

Upon conclusion of the Winter Golf Program, participants may convert to a full membership category.
Fees paid during the winter program may be credited towards the RVCC Initiation Fee if the application for membership is submitted by May 31, 2018

Preview Memberships will be offered for sale starting February 1, 2017. Preview Members will commit to a full 12-month cycle from the time of signing (i.e. Preview Members joining in March of 2017 will be
effective April 1, 2017 through March 31, 2018.)
Dues & Fees
No initiation fee will be charged upon signing or during the 12-month Preview Membership period.
Preview Members are obligated to pay monthly dues, assessments, and fees for the entire 12-months of the Preview Membership.
Preview Members are obligated for any increase voted on by the RVCC Membership, Membership Committee, and the Board of Directors.
Preview Members will meet standard food minimums, with standard member cycles.
Restrictions & Advantages
A  Preview Member is any person who was not an active member of Rogue Valley Country Club in the past.
An adult dependent of an RVCC member or a prior RVCC member may apply for Preview Membership.
All Preview Member nominees require approval of the Membership Committee and Board of Directors.
Individuals qualify for this offer on a one-time basis.
Cart Lease options and daily rentals are available under the Preview Membership.
Preview Members may use their private cart on Club property, subject to a trail fee
payable in full at signing.
Cart Storage will not be available for Preview Members.
Preview Members do not hold voting rights.

Available Categories Include:
Country Club Golf
Individual Golf
Young Executive Golf
Junior Executive Golf

After the one-year period, Preview Members may convert to the corresponding golf membership category with a one-year commitment upon payment of an initiation fee.
Preview Members are eligible for a payment plan option toward the initiation fee. The initiation fee may be paid in installments during a period not to exceed the commitment period of 12 months. If a member resigns their membership prior to the completion of the one-year period, the balance of the initiation fee will immediately be due and payable. Under no circumstances will the initiation fee be prorated due to early resignation.
A current club member who sponsors a new Golf Category member will receive a
$100 credit to their account.
The Rogue Valley Country Club Board of Directors has the right to rescind the Annual Preview Membership at any time.