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RVCC Fitness  - Activate Your Inner Athlete

Our state-of-the-art Fitness Center is a hub of activity and fun that caters to a variety of recreational sports.  The 3,500 square foot Center boasts exercise and cardiovascular equipment, classes, personal trainers, and locker room amenities.  Our cutting-edge functional training rooms feature TRX stations, and diverse equipment for any fitness goal.  We provide a total workout combining all elements of fitness - cardio, muscle conditioning, balance and flexibility - to give you that extra boost of energy that comes with leading a healthy lifestyle.

Strength Training:

 Duel Stack Trainer System
• Power Cages
• Leg Press / Calf Raise
• Leg Extension / Leg Curl
• Lat Pull / Mid Row
• Multi Press Station
• AB / Back Machine
• Inner / Outer Thigh
• Olympic Combo Benches
• Flat / Incline / Decline Bench
• Preacher Curl Bench
• Dumbell Set
• 45 Degree Back Hyperextension
• Leverage Leg Curl
• Seated Row
• Tricep Press down

Cardio Training:

• Treadmills
• Ellipticals
• Recumbent Cycles
• Upright Cycles
• Stair Climbers
• Rowing Machines
• Spin Bikes

Studio & Core:

•  Fitness studio classes provided: Yoga | Pilates | Tai Chi
• Ab Bench
• Vertical Knee Raise / Dip

Locker Rooms:

• Daily Use Lockers: available for fitness use only, daily use storage is available for both the Men’s and Ladies’
Locker Rooms. Lockers are unlocked by default, but have the capability of being locked by members bringing
their own personal locking device. Daily Use Lockers that are still locked upon Fitness Center closing will be
removed and the locker contents placed in lost & found.
• Permanent Lockers: depending on availability, members have the opportunity to reserve annual locker storage
for a fee of $96 per year. A key will be issued to the members for secure storage of personal belongings.

RVCC Personal Training:

Personal Training: Trained By Smothers (

• Two free sessions per member
Trained By Smothers Fitness Classes | Call for sessions: 541-890-1130
• 50 & Older Strength Training: Monday, Wednesday, Friday from 11 am - noon
• 50 & Older Flexibility Training: Thursday, Friday, Saturday from 11 am – noon
• Teen Strength & Power: info in Youth Guide
• Teen Speed & Agility: info in Youth Guide
• Monthly rate of $150 or $15 per drop in class

Hours of Operation: 

• Sunday – Saturday: 5 am – 10 pm


Contact Info: 541.772.5965