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Swimming Pool In Medford, Oregon

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At Rogue Valley Country Club, our pool is a cherished oasis, meticulously maintained at a comfortable temperature from May through October. This extended season ensures that you can enjoy a refreshing swim even on cooler days, making every visit to our pool a delightful experience.


Exclusive Adult Swim Hours

Reserved exclusively for adults from 7 a.m. to 9 a.m., our pool offers a tranquil environment for uninterrupted lap swimming. This time is dedicated to those who appreciate a peaceful and focused swim session.


Swimming Lessons and Activities

  • For the Young Ones: Our certified instructors provide engaging and fun swim lessons, fostering confidence and safety in water for a lifetime.

Safety and Supervision

With a lifeguard always on duty, safety is our top priority. Parents can relax knowing their children are swimming in a secure and supervised environment.

Family and Children's Activities

Our club is a paradise for families, offering a multitude of activities such as mini-golf, basketball, and more. After a morning filled with sports and games, the pool is the perfect spot for children to cool down and continue their fun.


Poolside Perks and Amenities

  • Sports Center Café: Just steps away from the pool, the café is your go-to spot for catching a game on the big TVs or grabbing a snack.

Comfort and Convenience: With ample seating, tables, and poolside servers, our deck is ideal for socializing, playing games, or simply lounging in the sun.