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Southern Oregon Golf Course Comparison

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Southern Oregon is home to an abundance of golf courses. This guide can help you decide where is the right place for you to play and spend time with your friends and family.

First off, this chart compares your course options. The Course Rating is based on how difficult a course is for a scratch golfer (someone who plays near par). The Slope Rating refers to how challenging the course is for a typical bogey player (about a 20 handicap).


Club / Course Course Rating Slope Rating
Rogue Valley Country Club - The Rogue (18 holes) 72.6 137
Rogue Valley Country Club - The Oaks (9 holes) 72 129
Centennial 74.8 129
Stone Ridge 72.7 136
Quail Point 68.2 130
Stewart Meadows Golf Club 67.2 123
Bear Creek Golf Course 67.2 90


Comparing Courses

Rogue Valley Country Club

When it comes to finding a course with the appropriate challenge level for a player, Rogue Valley Country Club has a distinct advantage because it offers both the 18-hole Rogue Course and the 9-hole Oaks Course. 

This combination allows Rogue Valley Country Club members to select the level of challenge that is right for them on any particular day. Players can even customize their round by playing portions of each course (this is referred to as the Chandler Egan Course after the original course designer). Rogue Valley Country Club is the only private club in Southern Oregon and the only place that offers golfers 27 holes to play. 

Rogue Valley Country Club offers several membership packages so people can select the perks they want in terms of their access to the golf courses. Golf memberships include access to 18 reciprocal clubs as well. Explore membership options here


Centennial Golf Club

Located on a former pear orchard, Centennial Golf Club is arguably the hardest course in the region with a rating of 74.8. The  course offers some membership options as well as a discount card available for $169, giving cardholders “preferred” daily green rates. There are two membership tiers based on age. People under 39 can join for $2,340 annually for an individual and $3,240 for a family (+ $100/child) for golf at their facility and 6 reciprocal clubs. The fee for people over age 39 is $2,840 for individuals and $3,960 for couples (+$100/child). They offer an annual golf cart rental for $600 for individuals and $900 for couples/families.

These are their fees posted online: $51 unlimited play nonmember daily rate M-Th, $61 F-Su & Holidays; Cardholder $40 M-Th, $45 F-Su & Holidays; Presidents’ club guest rates $40 M-Th, $45 F-Su & Holidays; Twilight (after 3 PM) seasonal rate of $35; Cart fee 18 holes is $14 per rider and 9 holes is $10 per rider.


Stone Ridge Golf Course

Stone Ridge is about 20 minutes northeast of Medford and has 18 holes of challenging golf. The course offers an all inclusive golf membership with one tier available starting at $1,800 for individuals (plus $600 cart fee) and $2,600 for families (+ $100/child and $900 cart fee).

These are their nonmember fees posted online: 18 holes weekday, $44 + $15 cart fee; 9 holes weekday, $30 + $10 cart fee; 18 holes weekend, $50 + $15 cart fee; 9 holes weekend, $30 + $10 cart fee. The junior rate is 18 holes, $20 + $15 cart fee; 9 holes, $10 + $10 cart fee.


Quail Point Golf Course

Quail Point runs along the Pacific Highway in Medford. The 18-hole course is a little less challenging for very good players. They don’t have all-inclusive membership options, but they do offer a discount card. You pay a one-time $69 fee for this card that allows patrons access to some discounts on daily rates.

These are their nonmember fees posted online: Non-member 9 holes $20 + cart fee $10/person; 18 holes $32 + cart fee $14/person. Member 9 holes $16 and 18 holes $24. There are some discounts for PM rounds (after 3pm), juniors under 18, seniors over 55, and winter play between November and February.


Stewart Meadows Golf Course

Stewart Meadows is in West Medford. By rating, it is the easiest 18-hole  course in the area. There are several ponds and a creek running through the course. They offer a $200 per month all-you-can-play option.

These are their nonmember fees posted online: Summer 9 Holes $20.00 + $10/person cart fee; 18 Holes $30.00 + $14/person cart fee. Winter 9 holes $18.00 + $10/person cart fee, 18 holes $25.00 + $14/person cart fee. There are discounted rates for juniors & seniors.


Bear Creek Golf Course

Bear Creek is a 9-hole executive course sandwiched between the Pacific and South Pacific Highways in Medford. It is a good place for beginners because most of the holes are short par-3’s. They also have a disc golf course. The greens fees are not listed online. 


Dining Options

Bear Creek does not offer food but Centennial, Stewart Meadows, Quail Point, and Stone Ridge each have either a snack bar, cafe, or grille for people to eat at.

Since Rogue Valley Country Club is a full country club it offers many more dining options and food is a much more significant part of the member experience.

There are five indoor dining venues and three outdoor options. These range from white tablecloth to family-friendly pool-side snacks.

The food and drink menus are curated by a gourmet chef with an emphasis on locally sourced ingredients and produce that is in season.


Other Amenities

Rogue Valley Country Club is the only golf course in the valley that also has a pool (which is heated April through October). In addition, it offers members access to a full fitness center with personal trainers.

Rogue Valley Country Club’s Sports Center boasts four premium tennis courts, pickleball, a full-size basketball court with six hoops, minigolf, sand volleyball, a batting cage, ping-pong, bocce ball, and a kids game room.


Hosting Events

If you’re looking to host an event, Rogue Valley Country Club offers the most options in terms of venue spaces. Centennial does host corporate events, fundraisers, and weddings in its clubhouse.

Rogue Valley Country Club has a packed social events calendar and a staff that is well accustomed to putting together weddings and other large gatherings. The venue options include the Grand Valley Ballroom which can accommodate up to 350 guests. For moderately-sized gatherings, the East Terrace is perfect for parties of up to 150. Parties of 50-60 guests can fit comfortably in our Oaks East & West rooms or the Chandler Egan. The Jackson Library is perfect for a more intimate dinner party of up to 20 people.

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